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Top 3 Wig Glue you should try

The secret for aLace front wigbe as undetectable as possible and that it is not noticed that you are wearingwig,It is not only in the quality of the hair used but in other factors such as the quality of thewig glue used.

After reading this article, you will no longer have to worry about yourlace front wig on days with strong winds or when you have to practice some kind of sport.

When choosing what type oflace front wig buy without a doubt thenatural hair wigs They should be your first choice because the hair is human and real which will make you feel comfortable with yourself and go unnoticed.

If you are a beginner that for health reasons you need to wear a wig daily and you want it to resemble your hair as much as possible, we do not recommend using synthetic fiber wigs or kanekalon wigs, although this type of hair is cheaperwigs creates little realism compared tonatural hair wigs Because it is made of synthetic fibers made up of chemicals.

If you already have your lace front wig and you have doubts about thewig glues In this article we are going to tell you about the top 3 wig glues you should try

Know the types ofwig glues What is there and how to use them is necessary for those people who are starting in the world ofnatural hair wigs withlace frontAs we already know, the front part of this type of wigs is made of a net that after putting on yourlace frontal wig, you will have to stick to your skin usingwig glue in the areas that need it.

Generally we will find 2 typesglue for wigs the waterproofideal for beach days since you can get into the water with yourlace front wig without fear of falling as long as the placement has been done properly.

 The other kind ofwig glue It is the glue for daily use that is resistant to sweat but can be easily removed by massaging with a little water. This type of wig glue It is recommended for those who remove theirnatural hair wig when they are at home or before going to bed.

For those who do not want to get so complicated we recommend buying onelace front wig with central mesh known in English as closure wig  thisnatural hair wig It is made with a frontal head mesh and covers only the area from eyebrow to eyebrow. With this kind oflace front wigs  You will not be able to style your hair however you want, you can only do the central part.


Top 5 Wig Glue you must try

1- GHOST BOND Wig Glue

If you are an active person, you practice a lot of physical exercise or you simply tend to be more sweaty without a doubt thewig glue Ghost bond is what you need, with clamping resistance of more than 15 days, thislace front wig glue will keep yournatural hair wig in place without fear of flying off.

2-BOLD HOLD Wig Glue

los mejores pegamentos para pelucas, pegamento para pelucas bold hold


The jewel in the crown, BOLD HOLD wig glue is currently the most widely used and recommended on the market for its high resistance to sweating, highly recommended for active people.with clamping resistance of more than 15 days is thelace front wig glue most sought after for its high efficiency. 


 3- GOT2B wig glue

Eastwig glue ideal for everyday use It comes in the form of a gel and a spray that when drying sticks your Peluca lace frontal to your skin creating total invisibility with high security. The advantage of this place frontal wig glue is that you only need to rub with a little water to remove it despite itsresistance to sweat.

This wig glue comes in gel and spray formGOT2B like the previous one, it is used topaste the wigslace frontDespite being an extreme hold hairspray, it is a very resistant wig glue. You can use these products separately, or together for a better result.



If it has happened to you that sometimes you do notwig, the most common reasons are usually:

- Dirty hairnet or skin with makeup, which causes the wig glue to have no effect, we recommend cleaning the area where you are going to place yourwig before applying thewig glue.

- Another reason why youwig does not stick, they may have sold you aWig glue fake, it is important to be sure where you are going to buy your wig glue as there are many imitations.

if you already have yourWig glue in our next post we explainhow to put wigs without being noticed.

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