How to put on a wig without showing it


The lace front wigs are becoming one of the most common ways tolengthen your hair thanks to the fact that it is not at all harmful to our scalp compared to theclip extensions oradhesive that in the long term can cause damageñirreparable. Natural hair wigs are more advantageous because it covers our own hair and you do not notice the difference between the hair that is ours and the one that is not, as happens with thenatural hair extensions. If you want to knowhow to put your wigthe answer is very simple, a natural hair wig well made with its adjustable straps should not be complicated to put on, think that awig It is like a helmet with hair, you just have to put it on, adjust the combs and elastic band to suit you. If your own hair is voluminous, try to make a very tight bun so that it does not bulge under thewig, if you have little hair or you are shavedlace front wig It will fit the shape of your head, being very natural and completely undetectable.

We are not all the same so each person adapts theirwig to her although there are general rules when putting yournatural hair wig, in the end ourlace front wig end up adapting to us.



como poner peluca

The lace front wigs in its varieties( full lace, lace front, closure wig) are sweeping the world, commonly used by celebrities such asKim Kardashian, Beyonce orKylie jenner, this tempting beauty accessory has us all wanting to try it, although many are undecided.

Like any other kind ofhair extensions, there are synthetic wigs andnatural hair wigs The latter being the most recommended by us since being 100 human hair the end result is much more real, no one will notice that you are wearing wigY you can use it for several years.

In this article we are going to teach youhow to put on a wig and make it look like the hair grows from your own scalp.

The lace front wigs,full lace, closure wigs, have a common characteristic which ishairnet that mimics the skin of your head, thisnatural hair wig They are usually put in different ways, everything will depend on how it is made. Incheap we make ourwigs in such a way that they can be used without glue if necessary although we remind you that the wig glue makes the wig disappear on your skin making it even more invisible although for that you have to use it properly.

Next we are going to teach youñarHow to put on a wig without showing it quickly and easily without having to go to a hairdresser, we remind you that some wigs can be put on without glue, such asclosure wig or wig with central mesh, recommended for beginners or for those who always wear their hair down.



2-Customizing the front hairnet is mandatory to achieve an invisible result when putting on your wig. Make sure your wig dealerpluck and bleach knots of the hairnet. If you want your wig to be invisible. If you do not understand what we mean, we recommend you follow ourInstagram where we publish daily the work we do so that ourwigs are totally undetectable.


interior de peluca lace front de pelo natural humano

3- Other steps to follow toput on a natural hair wig without showing it isuse your makeup base to tone the hairnet. With this process you will be able to create the illusion of your own skin, use your usual makeup base and a brush and tone the inside of the hairnet until you get a result similar to your skin tone.

4- then you mustcut the excess net of your wig, never make a straight cut, cut in a zig-zag to get more realism when putting on your wig.

5- the last point is to make sure that your wig wears a adjustable or custom made elastic bandThis helps reduce the excess cm that the wig may have, adjusting it to the maximum shape of your head.

interior de peluca con malla frontal invisible

6- The last tip is that if you are going to useglue to put your wigDoing it the wrong way can make it look like you're wearing a wig.


How to apply theWig Glue and get the most natural results.

1-Apply thewig glue in layers we recommend 4 layers for best results

Before applying the next layer make sure that the first one has gone from being white to transparent, you can get it with a dryer inCold air.

2-It is important to clean the skin area before applying the first layer of wig glue.

3-Use a wooden spatula to apply thewig glue.

You can now place your wig onwig glueNow use your hot air dryer to make the wig net disappear on your skin.

 Wigs that don't need glue: In ourOnline store you will find a collection ofwigs for beginners, thosenatural hair wigs They have a 5x5cm front and do not need glue. Just put it on, adjust the elastic band, and you're done.

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